More about the trail

Petsmo Vandringsled, Petsmo walking trail, has been constructed and completed in the shape of a Leader- funded project during 1.6.2020-30.9.2021. The project owner is Petsmo Ungdomsförening r.f. who appointed a working team for the project. There has been over 50 volunteers working and the time spent is over 2 000 hours.

The main funder is Aktion Österbotten by the European agriculture fund for rural development and Petsmo UF, Kulturösterbotten, Korsholms kommun and Aktiastiftelsen.

Even Petsmo samfälligheter r.f. and many local companies and villagers have been funders.

The total budget of the project, including the volunteers work amounts to just over 80 000 €, half of which is material costs.

The total length of the trail is 12,5 km and can be divided to the South and the North route. If you choose to walk the whole trail you will pass all four resting places and the small lakes Särkiträsk, Rudträsk, Kvarnträsk and the swamp Källmossen which has a measured depth of 7 meters. Even the depth of all lakes is impressive.

The walking trail has been given much positive attention and has already been used frequently even before finished. We specially recommend the route along Rudträsk, a detour to the exciting place Björnberget and the 600-meter-long trail of duck boards, log bridges, over Källmossen.

Please tag the walking trail on the social media with your pictures and remember that it is good to take firewood with you, when we can’t always guarantee that firewood stocks are filled. Take nothing but memories with you and leave nothing but footprints behind you. We hope that you also will write a note in some of our notebooks.

Petsmo UF and the working team would like to thank all landowners who made this project possible and welcome you on a nice hike.