Before the hike

Please note that hunting is in progress 20.8-28.2. and if you have a dog, you must keep the dog on a leash all year round.

It’s forbidden to drive moped, cross motorcycle or ATV on the trail and even riding a horse.

Remove all trash and when a warning of forest or grass fire is given by The Finnish Meteorological Institute fire are allowed only at built-in fireplaces with a chimney. Be extremely careful when handling open fire. The one who lights the fire is responsible for safety.


  • Move on foot, bicycle, or skiing wintertime
  • Pick berries, mushrooms, fish with worm and jig-fishing in the winter
  • Light a fire at MARKED fireplaces ONLY if there is not given warning of fire in forest and grass at the area
  • Camp at marked rest areas


  • Let your pets off leash
  • Leave any waste at the rest areas or along the trail
  • Catch, harm, or kill animals or destroy their nests
  • Damage constructions along the trail
  • Take or damage soil and bedrock